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Why Us

Why Undercover? What makes Undercover different? The Truth!

Undercover Motorsports has been an innovator as far back as 1988. And the truth is we have continued to innovate and be a major player in the sportsman race car industry ever since! If you are new to the sportsman race car industry, our specialty is sportsman dragsters!
At UCM our staff refuses being content in a world full of technology and new heights to achieve. So we are constantly striving to improve our products from engineering tools like Solid Works 2012, FEA, as well as more Stress Analyzing tools. And by incorporating and demanding nothing but the best materials such as domestic grade Mil- spec chromemoly tubing, chromemoly brackets and tabs, along with high quality heim joints, aircraft grade aluminum, carbon fiber, we are able to produce the excellence in quality and performance you are looking for, and what we strive for out of our products. Yes this is the Undercover difference! And our question to you is would you expect anything less from a group of fabricators and engineers whose motto is, “Our work is our signature! We must sign it with excellence!!!!”

Building race cars using this process has proven to be a WINNING combination! Today UCM customers still enjoy the fact that their race cars hold the highest resale value in the market!!! The quality is superior, detail is second to none, failure in field is less than1%. As far as performance on the track, I am very proud to say our customers have enjoyed the success of winning many NHRA and IHRA divisional titles, winning many NHRA and IHRA national events, as well as accumulating 27 world championships in S/C-S/G-T/D-Q/R-S/P! They have won the Million dollar race, Moroso points, and about every High dollar bracket race too!!!!!! With this much talent behind the wheel of our hot rods and the feedback we get has made UCM and our customers a “team” to reckon with, along with a wealth of knowledge and information that has been and will be chased for years to come.

UCM is also a place where you can get answers! When it comes to technical help or service, you can trust that we will be there to assist you. We designed them! We engineered them! We built them! We know how they work! And we can analyze any part of them! Rest assured you are in good hands.
If you’re looking for a high quality race car with an outstanding record, a company that leads with innovation and technology and strives for excellence and if you’re looking for honesty, integrity, value, relationship, and service like no other, UCM is where to look. You will find a home like no other… Come join our family of customers and get in on the winning tradition!!!! You won’t be disappointed!

- Kurt Damron