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Here you will find a report of our history and the stepping-stones that led us to where we are today.

Kurt Damron established this business in 1988. Kurt was brought up around drag racing his whole life as his father raced professionally during the late 60′s, as well as through the 70′s. It was then that he thought it was pretty cool to be around racecars all the time. So in 1988, as a young adult juggling a career as an engineer with Xerox and building race cars, it was getting to the point where he was going to have to choose one or the other. So the decision was made – it was building Championship Quality Race Cars and the only way to accomplish this was with “The Birth Of Undercover Motorsports”. Xerox’s loss is the Drag Racing Worlds Gain.

Kurt Damron’s Undercover Motorsports was officially established. Kurt put his engineering degree to work. He felt that the racecars at that point in time were in dire need of some start-of-the-art engineering! The industry at the time was filled with mainly skilled craftsman and skilled fabricators that were truly awesome! But it was time to bring the sprotsman racecar into the 20th century. So it was then that the engineering began on multiple chassis designs in the sportsman ranks. Kurt’s designs became the chassis of choice. Not long after, he and his customers began dominating the sportsman classes by winning many Nationals, Divisionals and World Championships. Kurt, himself, wanting to be out there getting first hand information, went on to win multiple National & Divisional events and His own World Championship. Today Kurt has turned most of the driving chores over to his son, Kurt Jr. who has shown that “The Fruit Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree”, Kurt Jr. Won the NHRA Division 2 Super Comp Title in 2007 and showed all that he had arrived. With Jr. in the seat it allowed Kurt Sr. more time to engineer new products, as well as spend needed time with all of his customers. Service has been the leading part in Undercover Motorsports’ success and Kurt is very proud of this accomplishment.

If by chance you get to visit our facility you will see state-of-the-art jig fixtures that all our chassis are built on. We house the latest in CNC tubing benders, as well as the latest in fabricating and welding equipment. Some of our competitors have accused us of being production oriented. That is totally untrue. We just work with professional people using the latest available equipment! We have chosen to move forward rather than staying in the days of hand grinding and manually bending all your tubing. Our staff and our equipment allow us to perfectly fit each tube, control the amount of heat being induced, as well as control the amount of hidden bi-products that can be left in the tubing. We are also able to control the amount of stretching that takes place when bending tubing. These are just a few things that we are able to control. Each and every tube is picked out and strategically placed in the proper location-based on what that particular area needs. This support alone comes back to engineering and using state-of-the-art auto-cad equipment, as well as stress analyzing programs. We also have professional welders that spend an adequate amount of time paying attention to each weld, making sure that every weld is properly controlled. Our customers deserve the best when it comes to their safety, as well as to the quality of their racecar! There is no doubt that they are receiving the best quality “engineered” racecar that is available on the market! Yes, we are a little more expensive than our competitors, but you get more than price difference in technology! This is also very clear when your racecar holds the highest re-sale value of any racecar built. This all sounds very bold, but when it’s the truth it’s not bragging it’s simply “The Truth”. We are proud of our racecars and have delivered more than 1,300 potential winners to our customers & Friends. You have entrusted us with your Dreams & Your Safety and we take this Responsibility Very Seriously.

We hope you’ll give Undercover Motorsports the chance to build your new race car and if you are one of our current customers looking to get a new one, we thank you because we know that our “customers” have truly been the reason for our success.

P.S. Remember, a dragster is not just another dragster as its been heard before. That’s almost as dumb as, “a big block is just a big block”. Anybody with any intelligence knows that it’s all the internals that make it what it is. The next time you walk by a big block, you tell me what cubic inch it is!

It’s a proven fact that Undercover Motorsports racecars have been produced in imitation form by many and some are more clear than others – but rest assured, none have yet to be truly. The engineering cannot be copied.

Come and enjoy a professional experience and let Undercover Motorsports help take you to your racing goals & “The Winners Circle”.

Everybody in drag racing wants a Wally or a Championship or both and we think you have the best chance of getting this accomplished with an Undercover Motorsports Racecar. One very important fact to remember is when you call our office we are all there to help you Win. Because, “When you win we win”. Please call us with your questions, wants and needs, we are sure we can give you what you want, and a lot more than you expect.